Check out my infographic about what schools can do or are doing to fight childhood obesity.

Are you a parent concern that your child is overweight or obese? Do you have any questions about what your child’s school is doing to promote healthy eating and lifestyle?

As a parent you can do a lot to help your child at home, a topic I will discuss on my next blog.  However, it seems a mystery to most of us what happens at school.

Our children consume one or two meals and several snacks in the six plus hours they spend at school daily.  Encouraging healthy eating and exercise activity during that time is important.  Exercise helps with attention, weight control, regulates hunger, and overall feeling of well-being.

You can team up with your school to help your child be healthier.  Find out what your school is doing.  Make sure you communicate your concerns to the school principal, food service director, nurse, and health or gym teacher and ask them how they can help your child have a healthier lifestyle.

My infographic on Fighting Obesity at Schools will show you how schools can or are addressing obesity and are promoting healthy eating and lifestyle.  Feel free to print it and take it with you to discuss with the school staff to find out what they are doing.



About Nutrition Counseling

I have been working with youth, adults, and families for over 18 years. I received my Master’s degree in Nutrition Education from Framingham State University. My work has been in a variety of settings including an outpatient setting were I worked for the Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infant and Children, counseling clients at several private medical offices, working with adolescents with eating disorders, and adult patients with heart disease and weight management in hospitals. I completed a Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and training on Motivational Interviewing. I am a Massachusetts and New Hampshire State licensed Registered Dietitian and a member of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
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