Getting Kids to Eat Different Foods

kids-cookingPhoto: Google’s kids-cooking

Are you frustrated trying to get your kids to eat different foods? Do you wonder how to get your kids to try new foods?

A great way to get your kids to eat new foods is by cooking together. You can delegate responsibilities based on the age of your children. The younger children will need more supervision and will be given the easier, less dangerous tasks such as washing and drying produce, mixing and blending ingredients.

Tips that make cooking with your child enjoyable

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare the meals. Weekends or vacation days are ideal.
  2. Pick the menu and new recipes to try with your kid. He or she will be more interested. Check in advance books and websites for nutritious recipes. Once you have found some favorite ones, share those and  have him or she select the recipes you’ll prepare.
  3. Pick simple recipes, easy to make with a short list of ingredients.
  4. When preparing a new food, serve it with other foods your child already likes.
  5. Keep safety in mind at all times. Supervise closely when using sharp utensils and heat.
  6. Clean up together as you go along.
  7. Show your child you are having fun. Make positive statements and share fun experiences you’ve had.