Childhood Obesity, Lets Make a Change

I am vFat childrenery excited to share with you a blog that truly complements mine as it focuses on children’s health, Childhood Obesity, Lets make a change, written by Casey Federico. Through his writing, this passionate physical education teacher, who studies nutrition, truly shows his concern about the negative health consequences of the excessive weight gain he sees on many of the children he works with. With his blog, Casey Federico wants to make a difference. I truly hope that the parents of those children he serves, and you, my dear followers, take the time to read his blog and learn from it. His blog includes various topics:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) – a tool used by professionals together with other tools to evaluate the weight of adults and children to assess the risk of developing long-term medical problems.
  • MyFitness Pal app – A calorie counter and fitness tracker app that will help you become more aware of your food selections and their nutritional and energy (calorie) values, and help you get in great shape.
  • General dietary recommendations for healthy children, a great start to learning about kids nutrition.
  • Facts and statistics about childhood obesity that may compel you to evaluate your lifestyle and make positive changes to help our kids.

I find Casey’s blog very attractive and easy to navigate with beautiful colored pictures and graphics. You will find many links to sites with valuable sources of nutrition, exercise, and health information.

Enjoy visiting Casey’s Blog, Childhood Obesity at

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